Thursday, January 20, 2011

Character Pots

My Middle School Creating Art classes have been busy working with clay . For the assignment , "Story Character Pots" , students used plaster moulds and a variety of clay building techniques to create versions of their favorite story book characters.

After molding the pieces , underglazes were used to add color to the pieces. They came out great !
Pieces will be displayed in the showcase by the auditorium  in the Barrack building.

Unlikely Pairings

Ninth and tenth grade students in Art Skills have just completed "Unlikely Pairings" , a drawing assignment based on the ideas of surrealist art.

We began the assignment by selecting objects to draw using careful observation. Once a few object studies had been completed , students figured out how they wanted the objects to interact to create an unlikely scenario. Additional images are on display on the first floor of the main Barrack building by the auditorium.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mola Mania

Students in Two Dimensional Art have just completed their cut paper Mola Designs. 

Their pieces came out great ! They are currently on display on the third floor of the main Barrack building.

Come and see them in person!