Thursday, April 7, 2011

Comic Characters

Middle Schoolers in my Creating Art classes are finishing up their "Graphic Novel" storyboards. 

We began the assignment by looking at classic comics like "Peanuts" , "Garfield" and " The Simpsons" to get ideas about how expression and gesture is used to create a story. 

Students used themselves as central characters in their stories. Here are a few finished pieces :  

Other pieces are posted in the "Gallery" section of the JBHA website. Pieces will be on display soon !

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Wonderful and Wacky World of Middle School Art

Some assignments just bring out the best in young artists. 
Others , bring out the unexpected. 
This project brought out both !

Creating Art classes finished up their "Joseph Cornell Inspired Collage Boxes" at the end of last week. 
They are currently on display in the Athletic Building , outside the gymnasium.
Come and see them in person ! 
They are wonderful !

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Totem Sculptures

The 9/10th grade Art Skills class recently completed "Animal Totems" . Specific animals were chosen for their "human"  qualities and how they relate to the artist making the piece. This Wolf symbolizes "loyalty, perseverance, success, intuition and spirit" . 

This Giraffe symbolizes "communication, intuition, attaining the unreachable and seeing the future". 

The Penguin represents " self-discipline, grace,self-confidence and spiritual qualities" .

These and more pieces are currently on display outside the gymnasium. Come and see them for yourself !

Matt Knives, Glue guns and Plastic Animals

Middle Schoolers in my Creating Art course are currently working on three dimensional collage boxes.

We started the assignment by looking at the artwork done by Joseph Cornell , such as this example below.

 Using small boxes as their starting structure , students are using various art room supplies as well as "junk drawer" finds from home. 

Students are having a lot of fun re-assembling their bits and pieces into a new Art piece !

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

11th Grade Two Dimensional Art

Students in my 11th grade class have been working on a variety of drawing exercises over the term. 

The first concept of transformation of common objects challenged students to work with a #2 pencil and Pink Pearl eraser as subject matter. Color pencil on bristol board was used  to complete the pieces.

Escher Tiling was our next focus. Using a continuous field of repetitive or evolving  pattern 
was the goal of these pieces.

Pieces are on display on the third floor of the main Barrack Building. Come check them out in person !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ink Splots

My Middle School Two Dimensional Art Class is working with the concept of "Accidental "" Art . Starting with ink , paper (or canvas) and a straw, initial designs are randomly created. When dry , students used color pencils to "find" images withing their ink splots.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tri Arts Exhibit

Our second annual Tri Arts Festival is happening this Sunday , February 6 , starting at 6 p.m. in the Main Barrack building. 

Three visual artists are being featured this year: Michal Philip , class of 2011 , Shoshana Reich , class of 2011 and Alon Borohov , class of 2012.

Michal Philip : 

Shoshana Reich :

Alon Borohov: 

Come out and support these young artists ! See you Sunday 6-7 pm .