Wednesday, December 15, 2010


To start off the new term in Creating Art , students are working on a Mola design project. 
 A Mola is a colorful layered textile design which is made by the Kuna Indians of Panama. 
I brought in a few samples from my collection to share with the students. 

Our version of Mola Design will be done using colored construction paper and  printed origami paper.

These are samples that I made.

After researching and sketching out their designs , the class began today cutting and gluing down their paper shapes onto their background pieces.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Displays !

As the trimester comes to an end , I've put up many new displays of student artwork around the school (as well as online on the Visual Arts Gallery link) . 

The Carved Grotesques/ Gargoyles created by my  Three Dimensional Design Class 
are featured in the display case near the gym .

Here are a few additional pieces from that class : 

My Art Skills class completed their Draped Pottery project . They are on display near the auditorium in the main building . 

And a few more pieces close up : 

All in all , a really impressive group of students coming through the Art Room doors this trimester!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painting class : Self Portraits

11th and 12th grade Painting students are working on their final projects for the term : Monochromatic Self Portraits. A 2 " x 2 " grid was drawn over xeroxed portrait photographs -- using a 12" x 16" canvas , a 3" x 3" grid was drawn , to aid in enlarging the photographic image.  Students sketched their likenesses on the canvas surface prior to painting . Gesture , facial expression and color selection are all part of the choices the artists needed to decide upon before starting the assignment.


Draped Pottery continued

After the first (bisque) firing , students in Art Skills applied underglaze decorations to their slab pottery pieces. After the colorful / textural coating , a clear topcoat is applied prior to firing (shown above) . 

Here are a few of the finished pieces.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Observing / Drawing

Middle school "Creating Art" classes are working on sharpening their Observational Drawing skills.

We started by using Contour Lines to describe three dimensional forms. Students selected three random objects to draw and then designed a composition using these three objects, altering proportions . 

Working from an all-white styrofoam still life , students have now moved on to working with 
shading and shadow areas.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art Skills : Draped Pottery

Art Skills began working with clay this week. The focus is on using slabs of clay and moulds to 
create pottery forms.

A variety of moulds were used : plaster , fired clay, plastic and foam supports. 
After the first firing (the bisque firing) , pieces will be glazed and re-fired to finish.

Carved Grotesques

Students in my Three Dimensional Art course are using floral foam to sculpt Grotesque Gargoyle figures. We looked at images of this type of creature used in architecture and from there sketched out designs.


Plaster gauze is being used to cover the foam pieces. 
Students will complete their sculptures using acrylic paints.

Friday, November 12, 2010

C4 Visitors

Today was Grandparents / Grandfriends Day at school . During my Creating Art class , we had a room full of visitors... all who actively participated in our drawing lesson.

I must say , I was quite impressed by the work of both students and guests. Lots of talent in one room !

Straws are Not Just Meant for Sipping

Middle schoolers in my Three Dimensional Design course have been using 18" paper straws to create woven designs : some traditional basket weaving  oriented, others more experimental and sculptural. 

 Pieces from this class are currently on display in the Athletic Building ground floor showcase. Stop by and see them in person !

Cast Critters Continued.............

Students have been busy using watercolors to stain their cast paper critters , adding wire bits and pieces to flush out the creature's identity.

Having made multiples of each critter allowed the students to experiment around with coloration

and to create dynamic groupings of their pieces.