Wednesday, December 15, 2010


To start off the new term in Creating Art , students are working on a Mola design project. 
 A Mola is a colorful layered textile design which is made by the Kuna Indians of Panama. 
I brought in a few samples from my collection to share with the students. 

Our version of Mola Design will be done using colored construction paper and  printed origami paper.

These are samples that I made.

After researching and sketching out their designs , the class began today cutting and gluing down their paper shapes onto their background pieces.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Displays !

As the trimester comes to an end , I've put up many new displays of student artwork around the school (as well as online on the Visual Arts Gallery link) . 

The Carved Grotesques/ Gargoyles created by my  Three Dimensional Design Class 
are featured in the display case near the gym .

Here are a few additional pieces from that class : 

My Art Skills class completed their Draped Pottery project . They are on display near the auditorium in the main building . 

And a few more pieces close up : 

All in all , a really impressive group of students coming through the Art Room doors this trimester!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painting class : Self Portraits

11th and 12th grade Painting students are working on their final projects for the term : Monochromatic Self Portraits. A 2 " x 2 " grid was drawn over xeroxed portrait photographs -- using a 12" x 16" canvas , a 3" x 3" grid was drawn , to aid in enlarging the photographic image.  Students sketched their likenesses on the canvas surface prior to painting . Gesture , facial expression and color selection are all part of the choices the artists needed to decide upon before starting the assignment.


Draped Pottery continued

After the first (bisque) firing , students in Art Skills applied underglaze decorations to their slab pottery pieces. After the colorful / textural coating , a clear topcoat is applied prior to firing (shown above) . 

Here are a few of the finished pieces.